LPTEX Fabric Products Introduction

Proud to be a closed textile and garment manufacturing company, LPTEX has been trying to develop and consolidate its position in the market. Having spent 6 decades of experience in the textile industry and applying the most advanced technology machines, LPTEX has had the pleasure of cooperating with famous fashion houses in the world.

Each product is created under the best effort and strict supervision of LPTEX, we believe that we can satisfy the most demanding customers. Here’s an overview of the new launches and products that have been featured in previous seasons.

 Our company has long had extensive experience in the production of wool fabrics from standard to high-grade including Pure wool, Poly Wool, Wool Linen, Poly Viscose … (with or without) Elastane. The wool yarns are selected and imported from reputable suppliers around the world such as Australia and New Zealand, with the desire to bring customers the softest and most comfortable experience from natural fibers. 

In addition, you cannot ignore the wonderfully crafted synthetic and man-made fibers such as Cool max, Sorona filament and Siro-fil that have been perfected by LPTEX, not only express a light and flexible feel but also very good sweat absorbent. especially we care about the sustainable development, Sustainable & Eco- friendly Recycle poly was born as a promise of the future to relieve the pressure and pollution of our Earth. 

Besides that, LPTEX’s skilled craftsmen and conscientious staffs continuously strive and come up with many well-designed designs and keep up with fashion trends such as Seersucker, English Glen check fabric and Pink & Beige & Glen check for Lady’s series. 

Moreover, in terms of fabric products with high functionally and applicability, LPTEX spent a lot of time researching and eventually creating product lines to meet the specific needs of customers which are Anti – Bacterial, Water Repellent, Wrinkle Resistance and Washable wool blended.

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